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Оригинал: Нет, Неизвестен
Перевод с английского: Алина
Одна хохотушка - девица
Любила кататься на львице
Признаться вам честно-
Девица исчезла,
Зато улыбается львица.
There was a young lady of Niger,
Who smiled as she rode on a tiger,
They returned from ride
With the lady inside.
And the smile on the face of the tiger.
Alex is a very special boy who really likes trees. He has always felt completely at home in nature and loves going camping in the forest.

Alex has a little sister called Julia, who likes playing with dolls. But Julia also likes being outdoors, and most of all she loves going on trips into the snowy mountains with her parents.

One day, their parents decided to take them on holiday and let them choose between camping in the forest or going skiing in the snow.

Alex quickly shouted out, “Camping in the forest!!” while Julia cried, “Snow, snow, snow!” for the year before they had gone camping and hadn’t seen any snow at all.

So Alex’s mum and dad asked him: “What do you think is the fairest thing to do?” And Alex shouted: “Camping, camping, camping!!” His parents insisted he think about it, which sent Alex into a sulk.

Hearing this, Julia said to her brother: “Alex, we could go to the mountains to see the snow, but make sure it’s somewhere with a forest. What about that?“.

Logically, the idea seemed good to Alex and he understood that you have to be tolerant of other people’s wishes. And in the end, the whole family went to a spot in the mountains where there was a forest.

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